Tuesday, January 15, 2008

God's intentions revealed & published - well, perhaps

Just scanning the e-book, I am quite curious to read more. Thanks for posting:

“The human brain is a delusion generator. The delusions
are fueled by arrogance—the arrogance that humans are the
center of the world, that we alone are endowed with the magical
properties of souls and morality and free will and love. We
presume that an omnipotent God has a unique interest in our
progress and activities while providing all the rest of creation
for our playground. We believe that God—because he thinks
the same way we do—must be more interested in our lives
than in the rocks and trees and plants and animals.”

“Well, I don’t think rocks would be very interesting to
God,” I said. “They just sit on the ground and erode.”
“You think that way because you are unable to see the
storm of activity at the rock’s molecular level or the level
beneath that, and so on. And you are limited by your perception
of time. If you watched a rock your entire life it
would never look different. But if you were God and could
observe the rock over fifteen billion years as though only a
second had passed, the rock would be frantic with activity.
It would be shrinking and growing and trading matter with
its environment. Its molecules would travel the universe and
become a partner to amazing things that we could never
imagine. By contrast, the odd collection of molecules that
make a human being will stay in that arrangement for less
time than it takes the universe to blink. Our arrogance
causes us to imagine special value in this temporary collection
of molecules. Why do we perceive more spiritual value
in the sum of our body parts than on any individual cell in
our body? Why don’t we hold funerals when skin cells die?”
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