Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Human deworming brings on immunological crisis

Having had an obnoxious pinworm for 3 years, due to wrong diagnosis by an ignorant western doctor. And the western medicine pills that only kill the adult.
I can tell you this man's theory isn't that freaking great.

Pinworm causes near constant itching of the skin, skin deterioration where you scratch to the point of near raw flesh, and very serious digestive problems.
Yeah try meditating in those conditions.

I finally discovered a herbal cure and herbal treatment is the only thing that kills both adults and larve. I laugh at his 'hypothesis'.
Yes, it does seem humanity breathed a collective sigh of relief at being rid of their helminth co-digesters.

I wonder if a happy medium will be reached, one in which people choose from an array of truly symbiotic organisms for better health and happiness. Already treatments like 'maggot debridement therapy' and the use of medicinal leeches have shown promise.
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