Friday, June 27, 2008

Self-awareness is just a second thought

the test was made under very controlled conditions-and the proper scientific statement/thesis should be "under controlled conditions, during a test with predictable stimuli, wherein unwanted or otherwise unpredicted stimuli was ruled out, the brain was able, at it's own pace, to make decisions, internally, before an action was taken.'
The test is quite, if not very, deceptive, in the freewill debate-"see? No free will!" Yes, if a subject is sitting in a chair, has a couple of buttons, and the relaxed choice of what to press. doesn't disprove freewill at all-proves that under stress free conditions, we are able to plan ahead-in fact, it's a testament to the mind's amazing abilities, that such a choice can be made, and then acted on later.
There should be many, many other tests, some incorporating decision making processes under the need to make a sudden, perhaps unpredictable choice. tests that include relaxed choice making coupled with sudden choice making, and so on-many more tests could be designed. This test smacks of set up-remove all possible unpredictable, decision making processes, and focus on something very controlled-where scientists can measure the mind's ability to analyze and predict, under highly relaxed conditions.
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